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Apply the power of machine learning into your business process without code or data scientists. Plug in your data, select a problem to solve, get the predictions. Easy as 1-2-3.

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Predictive Maintenance

What if you could be alerted hours before an unexpected break in your production machines? You have the data you need to predict machine failures before they happen. Think of what it could mean to your business. Run your data with our solution. We can tell you if any of our pre-built solutions will work for you in minutes.

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We meet you where you data is. From no sensor data to fully meshed edge connected devices, we can help you structure your enterprise data to get the most out of Machine Learning and Predictive Maintenance.

plug & play

plug & play

Our system allows you to quickly plug in your machines and begin making predictions in no time. We pride ourselves on Simplicity and Speed. It has never been easier for Enterprises to get started with Machine Learning.



We designed Kurvv to be accessible to all skill and ability levels. We aim to give the power of Machine Learning to all.

this is Predictive Maintenance made easy.

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From concept to deployment in Months, not Years.
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